2016 to me has some of the best trends that will hopefully be sticking around for a while. I have picked out 5 that I like  but in the next couple of weeks I will reveal 5 more trends I think are important to apply for winter 2016. Don’t be afraid by the word trend unlike fashion interior trends last a lot longer some up to 10-15 years.

House Plants

So you may have noticed that the 70s are having a huge moment right now. It’s been on the horizon for some time, and for the last couple years it has really gained popularity, which we see no sign of waning in 2016. A huge element of this trend is that house plants are everywhere. From succulents and terrariums to huge potted plants and even hanging baskets, they are going to be all over the house, in every room, and by the looks of things, on every surface. This certainly isn’t a bad thing; plants can lift a room and give a fresh pop to a colour scheme, and of course they help to purify the air in your home.

2016 winter trends

Material Mixing

2016 is definitely going to the year of high contrast, and this is going to be extended to materials as well as colours. We’ve already been seeing it on all sorts of accessories, but it’s about to get bigger, and even bolder. So far the big focus has been on metallics with wood or marble but we think that next year we’re going to start seeing some much more unexpected combinations. From concrete with metal; to wood with high gloss lacquer; even raw stone with plastic, the trend is going to be all about smooth joins, clean lines and the juxtaposition of natural vs. man-made, or rough vs. smooth.

2016 winter trends

Gold is the new copper

It’s time to say goodbye to copper and give way to gold and brass. It’s been waiting in the wings for some time, but the meteoric rise of the 70s trend is pushing it to the forefront of design once again. But, don’t panic if you’ve bought up every copper accessory going – it can be combined with gold tones as part of the material mixing trend (as long as you balance it out with something matte or rustic) so you don’t need to start thinking about getting rid of all those copper accessories just yet!

2016 winter trends

Lived in Kitchen

There is a trend now for kitchens with stuff all around on display rather than tucked away neatly in cabinets. Thats why many kitchen utensils are now being designed to look ascetically pleasing so when left out they look like a piece of decor and not just something you want to stuff in a drawer. I personally love going back to the traditional ways they made things such as using wooden utensils and chopping boards. Marble motar and pestles and brass canisters.

2016 winter trends



Updating your hardware in your bathroom or kitchen can make a huge differnce to overall look and feel without costing too much. You can source hardware from all sorts of places and docent have to be new. You could source it on eBay, second hand building supply places and antique shops. Right now black is hugely popular for a modern look, as well as brass for a more classical look. Look out for Sibella Courts new range of hardware which will be soon available at The Curious.

2016 winter trends

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