Change up your bed Linen

Now that it is getting cooler its time to get out the duvets and round up the heavier throws. Add layers to your bed by using linen or felt sheets and duvets followed by beautiful woollen or thick cotton throws with loads of tassels and texture. If you don’t like an overly fussy look keep it to a single shade and the let the different textures do the work.

5 ways to cosy up using decor

Add Layers around your home

Like previously mentioned layering can add that sense of warmth and cosines to your home without you having to change or replace too much but more adding new textures. If you use natural materials and stick to using neutral tones this will keep your place looking elegant but very much lived in. Think fur, jute baskets, knitted throws, leather and textured artwork like macramé hanging on your walls

5 ways to cosy-up your home 5 ways to cosy-up your home

Surround yourself with Greenery

Bringing plants inside can help with making your home feel more lived in and cosy, especially if your are
not getting out as much.


Get Cosy Underfoot

If you have bare wood at home while this is great during the warmer month can feel a little chilly in the cooler months. Whydon’t invest in a rug, and with that why not a woollen rug? Wool provides beautiful texture and is a natural fibre that will help with adding those layers.



Indulge your Senses

Its time to change over from your coconut smelling candles to your pear and brown sugar, sandalwoods and coffee scented candles. A great way to make your home more cosy is to cook more, nothing like the smell of a slow cooker simmering away through out the day to make you feel warm. See some of great recipes from Teresa Cutter.


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