Organic Skincare…….why it’s better

Why is it good to go Organic and Natural……………….. Below are 3 reasons why??? HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Our Skin is our largest organ it is like a sponge and it absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, scary huh? What we put into and on... read more

Elizabeth House

The Curious is all about finding curiosities and there is no better place than a museum and Elizabeth bay house is a great example of what you can collect and curate into your own space. Elizabeth Bay house was built between 1835 and 1839, It was designed by the... read more

Cerruti & Draime Photography

I stumbled on these photographers, Cerruti & Draime through via Instagram and fell in love immediately. They are two photographers who met in Florence, Italy and begun their photographic journey together moving to Paris and then a year later resided in New York.... read more

Guide To Entertaining In Winter

Creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere is essential if you are thinking about hosting a Winter Dinner Party. Here are a few tips to help you create a welcoming place whilst entertaining for friends and family. WINTER LIGHTING You want the lighting to be warm, soft... read more

Cornersmith Marrickville

The Cornersmith is a cafe based in Marrickville, Sydney. The Cornersmith cafe used to be an old thread shop, the interiors have been revamped creating a functional space as well as a welcoming atmosphere for its customers.               Owners Alex Elliot-Howery and... read more

Trends for winter 2016

2016 to me has some of the best trends that will hopefully be sticking around for a while. I have picked out 5 that I like  but in the next couple of weeks I will reveal 5 more trends I think are important to apply for winter 2016. Don’t be afraid by the word... read more

Macramé Workshop

  Macramé is a form of textile art using many different types of knots to create patterns. Macramé has made a comeback over the last few years, it has become desirable as the craft is handmade, we have become so connected to technology and macramé is the opposite... read more

5 ways to cosy-up your home for winter

Change up your bed Linen Now that it is getting cooler its time to get out the duvets and round up the heavier throws. Add layers to your bed by using linen or felt sheets and duvets followed by beautiful woollen or thick cotton throws with loads of tassels and... read more

Going Green

Bringing plants indoors helps create a clean environment and helps protect against radiation and electrical currents. It also adds colour and  helps brighten and add interest to spaces and can also help with those hard to decorate areas. It is quite an inexpensive way... read more

Halcyon House

Halcyon House located on the stunning coastline of Northern NSW is only 15 minutes drive south from the Gold Coast. The motel was run down and was originally bought as a holiday home for their large family by owners and sisters, Siobhan and Elisha. They ended up... read more

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