Creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere is essential if you are thinking about hosting a Winter Dinner Party. Here are a few tips to help you create a welcoming place whilst entertaining for friends and family.


You want the lighting to be warm, soft and inviting so guests can relax and settle in for the night. Using candles on the table and around the dining area creates a soft and warm environment, using tealights on the table in old jars and/or Candelabras will add a classical elegance to your table.

If you require more light, floor lamps are the way to go as this will create a much softer light and beautiful shadows rather than overhead lighting which will drown out the ambience.



Take your table decor to the next level this winter, by transforming a meal with friends into a stylish dinner party. Dressing your table in a beautiful tablecloth, or leaving it bare to show off a beautiful wooden or marble table.  A simple organic linen or cotton tablecloth or table runner works well, whilst creating texture and warmth. Linen adds old world charm and textured appeal to the table.

 Linen napkins adds nice detail to the table and they are also sustainable as you can use them over and over again.

Add a centre piece to finish off the look, using pieces from nature in the centre of your table is a great way to add a touch of relaxation and sophistication to your tables decor, there is just something about nature that is so comforting and inviting. This is why flowers are so popular.



Adding nice serveware to the table décor makes for a unique and personalised experience. Organic material serveware such as timbers, marbles and metals add beautiful textures to the dinner table and they also match with most styles of decor.



Winter is all about comfort food like delicious stews, pies, roasts and hearty pasta dishes. Winter dessert choices like apple crumble or sticky date pudding are good choices and are not too difficult to prepare. Choose white and red wines you think your guests will like as well as any other drinks you want for to provide for the night. Also remember to include non-alcoholic drinks options for guests who are non-drinkers or driving.

Offering Hot chocolate, coffee and tea are a must after your guests have had a satisfying warm winter meal.

5 ways to cosy-up your home

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