The Curious is all about finding curiosities and there is no better place than a museum and Elizabeth bay house is a great example of what you can collect and curate into your own space.

Elizabeth Bay house was built between 1835 and 1839, It was designed by the architect John Verge, for the colonial secretary Alexander Macleay and his family.


The house is a great example of colonial architecture. Elizabeth Bay house was restored and re-opened as a living house museum in 1977, the Interiors are a reflection of the lifestyle of the Macleay family they are Elegantly furnished to the period of 1839-1845.


Macleay was an amateur natural historian and kept his collection of Botany and Insects in the Drawing Room and Library of the house. The specimans at the house are only a selection,
the majority of the collection are displayed at the Macleay Museum of Natural History at Sydney University, which is open to the public.


The House was originally surrounded by lush gardens with hundreds of varieties of native and exotic plants. After the death of Alexander Macleay’s son, the extensive 54 acre grounds and gardens were subdivided. The only part of the Grounds that remains today is a small park/garden t the front of the house.

Another Gem is Macleay Museum at the University of Sydney Campus, which also houses many of the Macleay family’s curiosities.

Sibella Courts book Bowerbird soon to be available at the curious shows how to create beautiful interiors with the things you collect.

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